THE WHITE OBI - ホワイトオビ


Today we step back in our cultural budo history to demonstrate a time-honoured tradition handed down to us by our masters of budo. We explain the spiritual significance of wearing the white - Shiro Obi before entering the dojo threshold, to sit the Yudansha Ka grading of Shodan – 1st degree Black Belt.

Wearing and the displaying of the white shiro obi by a senior Ikkyu grade imply that they have reached the threshold of their Shodan Grading. The white shiro obi represents the spiritual values of purity, the escaping of ones ego, and simplicity, Hakushi ni modosu "go back to the blank page," therefore it represents humility.

We acknowledge the senior deshi who is wearing the shiro obi have now gone full circle as a Mudansha kai, and are void of unnecessary distractions, therefore concentrating on their Shodan examination, beyond reservation their first measure is before them.

Garry O'Connor Hanshi



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