This beautiful and spiritual hand carved award, was been gifted to Garry O'Connor - Hanshi and the traditional assocition of the Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te New Zealand Association; from Mrs Jean Wheki and the Wheki Family.

There are two of these carvings, one which is here in New Zealand and the other which is held in trust at Honbu Dojo. The carvings have a deep spiritual meaning and expresses the indomitable budo spirit of Barney Wheki Sensei.

Each year selected members of the assocition have the oppourtunity to be awarded "The Wheki Memorial Award" for traditional Karate Do Excellence. The names of each of the recipients are engraved on a brass plaque, which is attached to the base of the carving.

Indeed it is a great honour to be the recipient of such a notible and spiritual award.


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Wheki memorial trophy image

Wheki memorial trophy




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