Mark Thornton Sensei

Dojo Cho New Zealand.


Mark has been involved with our New Zealand association for many years as a student, and a Senior Sempai. His role in the New Zealand Association is that of assistant Dojo Instructor.

He has attended numerous senior training Gasshukus at Hombu Dojo where he trained personally with Hanshi, and Istok Tanevski Sensei in Traditional Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te Karate-do, and Jo Jutsu.

He was graded to Shodan at the Hombu Dojo 2016. (Japanese Registered)

ニッポン登録 - シニア道場先輩

Mark-Sensei shares his Hombu Dojo training with all members, he is the Dojo-Cho shared with Deanne Currie and his assistance with instructing the students has been appreciated by all. He attends training several times each year at Hombu Dojo, and is a respected senior member of our New Zealand Association.

Mark Thornton Sensei

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Mark Thornton Sempai Sensei

Mark Thornton Sensei





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