In a humble way, I would like to personal shed some light on what we call the “Do,” within our Traditional Martial Art of Karate Do.

I sincerely believe the “Do,” is the philosophy of one’s traditional martial art. This time-honoured philosophy is what we truthfully base our learning and study on throughout our lifetime, indeed a true foundation for the study and understanding of budo.

To speak of “Do,” we therefore should value why it is essential to pay particular attention to these traditional philosophies, handed down through our cultural lineage. In reality, the genuine student of budo must seek out to embrace this gifted knowledge, as this will sustain them along their life’s pathway.

The philosophy of “Do” is not how, we become skilled at our traditional art, although it is comparatively a sense of wisdom “why” we study, our martial art. To say that one does practice a “Traditional Martial Art,” without understanding the “Do” (way) would without a doubt, be void of true philosophies.

For that reason, the Karate Ka has merely emptied themselves of distractions and ego. Without a doubt, they will appreciate the philosophy of “Do,” (the Way) under the guidance of a genuine teacher.

Garry O'Connor Hanshi


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