We speak about “Traditional Martial Arts; and The spirit of a true Sensei; this profound spirit will not be found in books or scrolls, although this “True Spirit” will purely be found within “The True Sensei”. Indeed, it is the sincere martial artist who mirrors the true traditional martial art that they are studying. Reminiscent of a long ago time capsule that we seek to unlock, the true knowledge and philosophies are locked away deep within the true Sensei, therefore it is up to the traditional student to discover the key, to unlock this time-honoured knowledge that is truly stored within their Sensei, so they can further their understanding creating self awareness.

"Along my life’s pathway,” I journey this pathway of knowledge as a Traditional Sensei, and view humankind from within encircled by my western appearance, here inside of me beats the heart and spirit of a traditional martial artist, the seed of a Sensei planted at birth, and brought to life by my traditional masters.

Most respectfully, I'm but a "caretaker" of what has been handed down and entrusted into my care; I humbly respect those who have chosen me for this responsibility. I will indeed honour the traditional principles of what I have learnt, and be humble in my expression as a “Traditional Sensei of Budo."

Chiri Mo Tsumoreba Yama To Naru.

“Dust even, if accumulates, mountain like becomes”.

Garry O'Connor Hanshi


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