THE KAMIZA - The Traditional Dojo Shrine

Within all Traditional Martial Arts, we refer to the traditional Dojo as a true place of enlightenment, there is a distinctive place of “Martial Art Spirituality,” which is known as the “KAMIZA” (the shrine).

The Dojo Shine is set up in front of the embujo - training area; and it is here the denshi - students positions themselves to begin the traditional class. This is where our Dojo Kun (Oath) is displayed to remind all members, of the school's budo etiquettes; furthermore there is an elevated position called “Shinden,” which is set aside for the photos of the past and present Soke's – founders, of the traditional school of martial arts (Ryu).

With respect and humbleness we refer to the “KAMIZA,” as:-

“The Spiritual Centre of The Dojo.”

When first upon entering the Dojo, the traditional martial artist bows (Rei) in the direction of “The KAMIZA,” being mindful that when they bow they reveal a physical expression of dignity and respect, but most of all humbleness.

Once the class has lined up facing The Kamiza, the first initial bow to the front, is known as “Kamiza Ni Rei,” this action demonstrates courtesy and respect to those “past and present budo masters.

Garry O'Connor Hanshi



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Kamiza image

Kamiza - a typical Dojo shrine




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