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  Biography of O'Connor Hanshi

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  Biography of Hoshiyama Hanshi

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       arror image Honbu Dojo

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  Teachings of Hanshi

       arror image "Ethos" within our traditional art (new window)

       arror image The "Do" in traditional karate-do

       arror image To discover meaningful purpose

       arror image The significant meaning of our Dojo Kun

       arror image The Kamiza - the traditional Dojo shrine

       arror image Along my life's journey

  The essence of self discovery

  Learning lifetime skills through the study
      & wisdom of the traditional Martial Arts

  Resources for Students

       arror image Code of Conduct for Instructors

       arror image Code of Conduct for students

       arror image Core elements of traditional karate-do training

       arror image Dojo etiquette - Reishiki

       arror image Dojo Kun

       arror image Dojo Principles

       arror image History of the Pinan Kata (new window)

       arror image Karatedo history

              arror image Ankoh Itosu

              arror image Chibana Chosin

              arror image Shugoro Nakazato

       arror image Kata of Takashi-ha Ryukyu Karate-do

       arror image Lineage of Takashi-ha Ryukyu Karate-do (new window)

       arror image Name of the Honbu Dojo (new window)

       arror image Origins Of The Karate Do Ranking Systems

       arror image Photo gallary

       arror image The Wheki Memorial Award

       arror image The White Obi

       arror image Traditional Terminology



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