Traditional training is typically undertaken in native Japanese for most of the class, however instruction is provided in English also.

The cost of tuition is linked to the lease of the premises, and the training equipment. The organisation is run not for profit, and the personal tuition time is donated by each of our traditional Sensei's; free to all students - Denshi.

The dojo training is the beginning of formal instruction for all students and requires a commitment to proper etiquette and manners, in order to ensure a learning orientated environment, and maximum discipline - Reishiki in the dojo. Our Traditional Dojo Kun was handed down from OSensei Takahashi Soke to O'Connor Sensei, and encompasses the "ten traditional disciplines". The Dojo Kun can be viewed here

Students are asked to display courtesy, respect and a strong budo spirit, at all times. Traditional martial artists refer to this code of conduct as "Reishiki," a most profound code of honor, loyalty and respect which originated from the spiritual teachings of the Japanese - Okinawan Budo and Bujutsu Masters, encompassing generations of traditional practitioners.

Our traditional dojo indeed is a place of spiritual "enlightenment" where we learn the spirit of budo, embracing "Reishiki" is the first step seeking real understanding of the art which we have inherited and is before us.

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