Gavin Martinovic Sempai

Senior Sempai.


Sempai Gavin has attended training at Hombu Dojo, under the Instruction of Hanshi O'Connor and Sensei Istok Tanevski, along with his Son; Taylor, who also participate in Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te Karate-do, and Jo Jutsu.

Sempai Gavin has been graded and Certified at Hombu Dojo. (Japanese Registered)

ニッポン登録 - 先輩

Sempai assists with the administration of The New Zealand Association, he is in contact with Hombu Dojo on a regular basis, and is a valued senior member of our traditional martial arts association.

Sempai Gavin looks after our media requirements and promotions.

Gavin Martinovic Sempai

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Gavin Martinovic Sempai





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