Our Traditional Dojo Etiquette, which we practice, will most importantly reflect “Respect”. I believe this would truly be the first rule of Reishiki (etiquette) to respectively consider others before yourself.

O'Sensei Hohan Soken once said
Karate practitioners always conduct themselves with etiquette.

The Traditional Dojo (Way Place) is filled with traditional values and attitudes. The most obvious expression of your Dojo Reishiki is the rei or bow. When the Karateka enters the Dojo and initiates the first rei before stepping onto the training area, he or she will leave behind them what has occurred in their lives during that day or evening, concentrating only on what is before them.

Indeed we reflect in our bow (rei) purpose and respect, it should be noted that these bows are not to be considered religious in character; however they do demonstrate courtesy and respect.

We should respect that our traditional Dojo Reishiki (etiquette), which we study today, has been handed down to us by traditional “Past Masters” that have gone before us on this “Pathway of Discovery”, indeed we should conduct ourselves in a dignified manner and respect what we are so privileged to learn as we follow in their footsteps.

In the Traditional Dojo, we learn about the true spirit of Budo, and indeed discover in ourselves to be humble and respectful to our teachers and fellow students. The Dojo Reishiki that we study and practice is aligned with our traditional “Dojo Kun” and the more we train and learn to understand these traditional philosophies, will indeed assist all of us to “Polish our Characters”

Garry O'Connor Hanshi

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Seiza image

Seiza - 正座: "proper/correct sitting"
part of Reishiki

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