The Dojo Kun are the rules of the Dojo that have been passed down from Okinawan Karate masters to the present day. The Shuri Te Oath - Dojo Kun.


Dojokun image

Brushed by Ugn lai for O'Sensei Takahashi

Self-Honesty - Truthfulness
Courage - Respect
Gentleness - Realisation
Willingness - Helpfulness
Awareness - Alertness


Dojo Kun kanji image

Dojo Kun


Our traditional "Dojo Kun" is indeed our "Oath" which reflects our traditional Okinawan masters as well as present teachers and students. The Dojo Kun reminds us that all actions in traditional Karate Do, begins and ends in displaying courtesy and Kokoro.

We commence and bring to a close each training session by reciting in a spirited voice our "Dojo Kun;" this is a personal reinforcement and demonstration of our sincre commitment to our traditional martial art and teachers.

We sincerely display our true self in the way that we behave towards each other."Our Dojo Kun" reminds us to conduct ourselves with the utmost courtesy and respect towards others.

Our traditional Dojo Kun also reminds us of the time-honoured principals of our Karate Do Training, that has been passed down to us by our Traditional Okinawan Masters, furthermore here we must carry within us, always the guiding principals of our "Traditional Dojo Kun".

Yours in Budo

Garry O'Connor Hanshi

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