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Preserving our traditional legacy and martial art ethos.


O'Sensei Takahashi Kentsu Soke - Judan 10th Dan, (1900- 1994)

龍の創設者 - 九段.

Founded our traditional art in 1953 – Japan. (biography)

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Garry O’Connor Hanshi - Judan 10th Dan Principal Instructor and examiner 1952 - (biography)


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Ito Ichiro Shihan - Hachidan 8th Dan (1947 - 2006)


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Adam Carter Hanshi - Hachidan 8th Dan - (biography)

Full Member & 'Dojo Cho' for O'Connor Hanshi in the USA.

アダム·カーター 範士八段

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Noel Carter Shihan - Godan 5th Dan - (biography)

Full Member & representative of O'Connor Hanshi in the USA.

ノエル・カーター 師範五段

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Laurie Oliver Shihan - Nanadan 7th Dan (Deceased)


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Istok Tanevski Senior Sensei - Nidan 2nd Dan. Past Canberra Dojo Cho.


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Taylor Martinovic - New Zealand Shibu Dojo Cho. (biography)


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Ian Sargent Senior Sensei – Nidan 2nd Dan. Past New Zealand Dojo Cho – (retired.)


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Barney Wheki - Senior Sensei (1944 - 2010) Nidan 2nd Dan (NZ)

ポスチューマス賞。 (Posthumous Award)

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Mathew Pang Sensei - Shodan Retired Canberra Dojo Cho - Australia


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Deanne Currie Sensei - Shodan 1st Dan - New Zealand Dojo Secretariat retired.


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Mark Thornton Sensei - New Zealand Dojo Cho retired.

マークソーントン 先生

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Please Note;

If an individual or organization are claiming that they are Yudansha kai (Black Belt) members, or being affiliated to The Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te Karate-do Kokusai Renmei Oceania, or they have rank certificates, titles or licenses from the Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te Karate-do Kokusai Renmei Oceania, but they are not listed here; or on our official Japanese - Okinawan Registry. 日本 - 沖縄の登録 then they are Fraudulent.

Note: Within our traditional art we use the posthumous term "O'Sensei," as respect to a Senior Sensei who has passed away.

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