Deanne Currie Sensei

Dojo Cho
The New Zealand Association Secretariat.


Deanne is a valuable and respected member of our teaching team, spending several years training as a student and as a Sempai.

She travels to Hombu Dojo several times each year to attend the traditional advanced classes and Gasshuku's, updating her personal skill levels, training with Hanshi and Istok Tanevski Sensei in the traditional arts of; Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te Karate-do, and Jo Jutsu.

Deanne was graded Shodan at the Hombu Dojo in 2016. (Japanese Registered)

ニッポン登録 - シニア道場先輩

Deanne-Sensei is the Dojo-Cho shared with Mark Thornton and in charge of organising student's training attire, and needs, her organisational skills are well respected.

Deanne Currie Sensei

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Deanne Currie Sensei





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