The Instructors code of conduct, necessitates that every Yudansha kai preserve, and reveal the true time-honoured spirit of Budo always, therefore to amplify to others their traditional martial art honour and etiquette.

  • To reveal humbleness in your actions, therefore to reframe from insincere actions.
  • To demonstrate sincere courtesy during personal encounters with others.
  • To display integrity and respect always.
  • To demonstrate ones loyalty to your Traditional Sensei’s and Ryu.
  • To avoid bringing dishonour to your Traditional Sensei’s and The Traditional Martial Art of; Takahashi-ha no Ryūkyū - Shuri-te and its profound lineage.
  • To protect from harm all deshi- (students); under your guidance during instruction and build self-respect within them.
  • To demonstrate respect for the time-honoured budo etiquette, philosophies and ethical standards, that has been entrusted into your care.
  • To seek out true knowledge, to polish your character and spirit, attaining a unified mind.
  • To demonstrate true courtesy to practitioners of other forms of budo.
  • To foster ones own development by correcting past oversights and make right.
  • To expand the boundaries of your skills in a respectful manner and be humble.
  • To respect your traditional budo ancestry
  • To study, educate with meaningful purpose, demonstrating “Kokoro” always.
  • To defend the pathways of truth and be truthful always.

Click here to download a copy of the Code of Conduct for Instructors

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Respect - Sonkei

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