O'Sensei Chibana Chosin ( 1885 - 1969 )

He was the first appointed president of The Okinawa Karate Do Association which was founded in 1956, he and O'Sensei Takahashi trained together in Okinawa before the second world war broke out.

On May 5, 1957, Chibana Chosin, who was then president of the Okinawa Karate-do Association, was awarded the title of Hanshi (Grand Master) from the new Dai Nippon Butokukai. This was the first time that the Butokukai has awarded a so prestigious title to an Okinawan.

At the time of his award, the senior most martial arts experts of the Butokukai asked Chibana-sensei what he considered the most important quality for a traditional martial artist. Chibana-sensei replied: Butoku (Martial Virtue; Martial Honour)! We are born with only one sole possession… this is our name. When we die, all material things mean nothing. We die with our only true possession… our name. We strive to bring honour to our name. We, as teachers of the martial arts, have even a deeper responsibility… we mould and guide the young.

We must develop a strong martial honour in order to do this. This is the road I follow. This is what Shorin Ryu karate do is… my martial honour and my responsibility.


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Chibana Chosin




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